Family plan

Family plan

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Craftsman Portfolio

The assuring construction of our partners is ensured by our “111 Craftsmen System” consisting of 100 project engineers, 1000 construction teams, and 10000 constructing workers who are still holding the construction dream and a pragmatic tradition.

Service System

We are rooted in service for mutual benefits. Relying on our excellent performance management system, we boasts the 24/7 400-hotline service, the resolution of after-sale requests within 24 hours (or employees dispatched within 2 hours), accurate technical response given within 2 hours, and the customer satisfaction accounting for 20% of performance. Services to reassure our partners

Supporting System

The company will provide partners with all-covered technical supports before, during and after the sales, along with free-of-charge professional product training, construction training, and sales training. In addition, partners are also provided with the support of construction machinery that are both sellable and rentable for flexible options that may relieve their financial pressure.

Cooperation System

Our ecosystem partners include self-leveling gypsum producers and gypsum powder companies, industrial byproduct gypsum manufacturers, construction companies, ornament and decoration companies, real estate companies, building material suppliers and distributors that share the same dream with us.

Value-added service

An accompanying sales system

A high-ranking craftsmen team

All-rounded technical support

Expert-grade product training

Master-grade construction training

Free provision of construction machinery

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Address of the company's headquarters: 1 km (S104 provincial road)

to the east of Sanyang township government, Wuzhi County,

Jiaozuo City