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“China’s Eco-green Construction Product” recognized by China Building Materials Federation

Demonstrative project of industrial development for the comprehensive utilization of industrial resources in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and surrounding areas

Executive member unit of China Association of Circular Economy

Executive member unit of China Bricks & Sanitary Ceramics Association

Member unit of China Bulk Cement Association

China’s demonstrative enterprise of new wall materials in energy conservation and emission reduction

A national high-tech enterprise

National technology-typed small- and medium-sized company

Henan demonstrative enterprise of technological innovation in energy conservation and emission reduction

Henan Engineering Technology Research Center

Henan Enterprise Technology Center

A science and technology SME in Henan Province

A famous producer of new quality wall materials of Henan

A demonstrative enterprise of Henan for industrial transformation and upgrade of new wall materials

The “small technology giant” company of Henan

The “ten-hundred-thousand” application demonstration enterprise of the robot industry in 2016

The smart workshop of Henan in 2018

Third prize of the first “work reform innovation award” of Jiaozuo city in 2017

“National Gypsum Industry Innovation Enterprise Award” of China Building Materials Federation in 2018

Winner of “Mayor Quality Award” of Jiaozuo in 2019

National green factory of 2019

China’s branded company of excellent quality in construction industrialization

China’s top 20 flooring brands

Third prize of technology advance of Henan

Third batch of demonstrative company in construction waste disposal recognized by the Ministry of Housing and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


Certified by ISO9001:2015

Quality Management System Certification

Environment Management System Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Nationally certified “three star” green mark for green building materials

The management system certification for the combination of informatization and industrialization

Level 3 certification for safety standardization

Level 3 qualification for general contracting of public utility projects

Level 3 qualification for general contracting of construction works

Level 2 qualification for professional contracting of construction ornament and decoration works

Charitable actions

A love-giving corporation in “companies help villages” targeted poverty alleviation action in Jiaozuo city

Founder of the charitable fund named “donated interest from ten million principal”

Winner of Outstanding Contribution Award for Charitable Donations

Founder of the “Qiangnai” Student Fund

Founder of “Henan New Material Charitable Fund”

The “most generous donor unit”

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Address of the company's headquarters: 1 km (S104 provincial road)

to the east of Sanyang township government, Wuzhi County,

Jiaozuo City