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Henan gaisen Material Technology Co., Ltd., founded in September 2018 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan, is an intelligent green factory with high energy conservation, environmental protection and technology content invested and constructed by Henan Qiangtao New Material Co., Ltd. (securities code: 872777), a listed enterprise on the new third board. It is a demonstration base for high value utilization of industrial by-product gypsum in Jiaozuo City.

In the process of development, Henan gaisen Materials Technology Co., Ltd. inherits the comprehensive utilization development strategy of the parent company, adheres to the corporate mission of "gathering the world's top technology, building a green building brand, improving the living environment of human beings", and relies on the national "12th Five Year" science and technology support plan to transform the project achievements. This achievement filled in the market gap, and successively won the third place of the first reform and innovation award of Jiaozuo Municipal Committee and government in 2017, the "national gypsum industry innovation enterprise award" in 2018, the major scientific and technological research projects of Jiaozuo City in 2019 and the proposed projects of major scientific and technological research projects of Henan Province.

The first phase of project has a total investment of 60 million yuan and a total construction area of 15000 square meters. It is mainly to build a production line with an annual output of 200000 tons of common gypsum, 50000 tons of high-strength gypsum and core masterbatch, and a production line with an annual output of 300000 tons of gypsum products. After the project is put into operation, it can comprehensively utilize more than 350000 tons of industrial solid waste annually.

The main product of company - high strength gypsum based water-resistant self leveling mortar is based on industrial by-product gypsum, with ultrafine inorganic filler, a variety of polymer modified activator and multi-level aggregate processing. After mixing with water, it forms a kind of high fluidity slurry, which can be used for manual construction or mechanized large-area pouring, and can realize automatic and accurate leveling of the ground. Compared with the traditional leveling material and the traditional cement-based self leveling material, the material performance is more superior, the application process is more simple and efficient, with eight key technologies and innovations.

First, it solves the problem of water resistance of traditional gypsum based materials

Traditional gypsum material is a kind of air hardening material. If it is soaked in water after hardening, its strength will drop sharply or even lose completely. The gypsum material studied in this project is prepared by high-pressure hydrothermal method, forming water-resistant minerals in the hydrothermal synthesis process, which can achieve the effect of hardening gypsum material in water, and the product has good water resistance, and can be applied to outdoor and basement wet ground for a long time.

The second is to solve the problem of low strength of gypsum based materials

The strength of the gypsum material can be controlled and the highest strength can reach 80 MPa through the preparation process of gypsum and the coordination of crystal transformation activator. The present situation at home and abroad that the strength of gypsum material can not meet the use requirements has been completely solved, and the problems such as uneven ground, difficult leveling and ground ash rising can be effectively solved.

Thirdly, it overcomes the problem of easy shrinkage and cracking of cement-based leveling materials

Super high strength gypsum material has good volume stability, so the volume stability of self leveling product is very superior. The volume change rate of the product is - 0.04% after the test by the national building materials testing center, which will not crack.

Fourth, the construction thickness is no longer restricted and has a wide range of applications.

When the construction thickness of traditional cement-based self leveling material is greater than 0.5cm, shrinkage cracking often occurs. Therefore, when the local surface roughness is poor, accurate leveling can not be carried out. The cementitious material of this project is gypsum based material, which has good volume stability, won't produce shrinkage cracking, and the construction thickness is not affected. It can be widely used in ground leveling, ground elevation, ground heating backfill and other projects.

Fifthly, it has the advantages of early strength, fast hardening, short construction period and winter construction.

The high-strength gypsum based water-resistant self leveling mortar can be hardened in 4-6 hours, and can pass the light-duty wheel car in 12 hours. The strength in one day can meet the strength requirements of the traditional cement self leveling material in 28 days, and can reach more than 90% of the design strength in three days. Therefore, the subsequent construction interval can effectively shorten the construction period. Due to the fast hardening speed and significant hydration heat release, winter construction can be carried out with lower requirements for construction conditions.

Sixth, the leveling accuracy is high and the construction quality is improved.

After hardening, the surface of this product is bright and delicate. Due to the unlimited construction thickness, it can realize horizontal accurate leveling without manual assistance. Through field test, the flatness error of 3M guiding rule can be controlled within 2mm, and the building quality is higher.

Seventh, the density of hardened paste is small and the effect of energy saving and heat preservation is remarkable

The volume density of hardened body of ultra-high strength gypsum based water-resistant self leveling mortar is 1650kg / m3, while that of traditional fine aggregate concrete is about 2400KG / m3. In the field of floor heating backfill and ground leveling and elevation, it can greatly reduce the building load and increase the effect of heat preservation and energy saving. Through calculation, it can achieve about 30% energy saving.

Eighth, mechanized construction, high efficiency and labor saving

Because the high flowing slurry is formed after the material is mixed with water, the mechanized pumping and automatic pouring can be realized, which greatly saves manpower and improves the construction efficiency.

Based on eight aspects of superior performance, ultra-high strength gypsum based water-resistant self leveling mortar with nano whisker and other core masterbatch produced by industrial by-product gypsum, adopting the mode of company + technology + base, rapidly layout OEM factories in the country with light assets and achievements transformation, radiating to drive the industry development, and was rated as "specialized, special and new" product by the Department of industry and information technology. Since its launch at the end of 2018, it has accumulated more than 1.5 million square meters of construction area in just 10 months, which has been widely promoted in Henan, Shandong, Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta and other regions and praised by the floor market. At the end of September this year, high strength gypsum self leveling mortar successfully opened up foreign markets, signed export agreements with Australia, New Zealand and ASEAN countries, and delivered the first batch of goods abroad on October 10.

Limited resources and infinite circulation. Gypsum based self leveling mortar is the best way to utilize industrial by-product gypsum in a comprehensive way, which is resource-based, high value, large-scale and harmless. Henan gaisen Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the corporate tenet of the parent company Henan qiangnai New Material Co., Ltd. "gathering the world's top technology, building a green building brand, improving the living environment of human beings", focus on the high-value utilization of industrial by-product gypsum, forge ahead for the goal of green environmental protection and benefiting the country and the people.


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